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My favourite couples and their families Part 2! (Aomine/Sakurai, Murasakibara/Himuro)


Title: My favourite couples and their families!

Comicoriginal here



Pairing: Aomine x Sakurai & Murasakibara x Himuro

Notes:  (Part 1 is here)Can you handle the cuteness? It’s your favourite OTP’s featuring their child together, this is too cute for words! and there is another part coming with the rest of the GoM! Enjoy. 


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someone mentioned april fools today, and it reminded me that last year a couple of radio DJs got taken off the air and almost faced felony charges because they told their audience that the local water supply was contaminated with “Dihydrogen Monoxide” and alot of people panicked

Dihydrogen - (two hydrogen)
Monoxide - (one oxygen)

some guys almost got arrested for telling people there was water in their taps.


Today I was at work and this like 13 year old kid came in with a snk jacket so I was all omg I really like your jacket and his face like lit up and he smiled and turned to his friend and was all “she gets it! She gets it!” and his friend just sighed and kinda shook his head and I think that perfectly describes the friendship between an anime watcher and a non-anime watcher

(Source: ch-rom)

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